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Articles about Our Local Best Attractions and Activities

Keene has many great attractions and activities. Read to find out what other people say about what Keene has for fun things to do!

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Best bike trail

Seven easy New England bicycle trails that the whole family will love

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Downtown Keene

Why You Should be Keen on Downtown Keene

Best Shopping

Best places for local shopping

Best Place to Bike

Best places for bicycling in New Hampshire

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Best Christmas Towns

10 most enchanting Christmas towns in NH

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Best Keene Attractions

Travel spotlight on Keene, New Hampshire, and its 11 best attractions

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Great Things to Do

Small towns and beautiful hikes and drives

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Revolutionary Tavern

6 Revolutionary Taverns

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Mount Monadnock

Journey to find the secrets of Mount Monadnock

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Tour of Keene’s Attractions

Guide to Downtown Keene, New Hampshire